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Story’s length: 2 seasons, 260 episodes each (ugh no too long)
Genre: School life
Character: The bossy type
Lover: Bishie
Climax: Lover becomes a zombie in the zombie apocalypse (everything just has to involve zombies, doesn’t it?)
Ending: Happy mainstream ending (dreadfully boring)

Story’s length: 1 ova, 11 episodes
Genre: Slice of life
Character: The tomboy
Lover: The cross-dresser (yes) (does this mean she’ll dress like dean) (dean’s fashion sense is the best fashion sense ok)
Climax: You master martial arts
Ending: You finally lose your virginity (omfg)

Length: 70 episodes, 1 remake
Genre: supernatural
Character: Tsundere
Lover: The cold one
Climax: You find out your lover is an alien
Ending: Zombie Apüocalypse


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